do i even have any followers anymore? 

are you there followers…? it’s me, kaley. 

so obviously- my first year of teaching kicked my trash. but it’s over. it was successful.. and for some odd reason they invited me back and gave me more responsibilities. (and by more responsibilities.. i mean i will have additional things to do besides coaching cheer, coaching soccer, and being the most awesome social studies teacher ever.) 


now i am sure that, if anyone still checks my blog, you are thinking “double you tee eff, why is kaley updating after 9 months of absolutely nothing?” 

let me tell you why. summer calls for crafts. and my first one starts tomorrow. 


i know that people usually make these so that as a couple, they can pin all the places they have been. well.. since i don’t have a husband (but when i do he will be the luckiest because i am so crafty and domestic) i will be pinning the places we have learned about in world studies. SO CUTE RIGHT. #bestteacherever 

do i even have any followers anymore? are you


me and this fine gentleman have something in common- we both get incredibly excited about good food. 

me and this fin…



there is something special about sports. it brings people together.

lately i have been glued to the tv from 9am-1:30 pacific time to watch soccer. (this is probably due to the fact that i have NOTHING to do… and have a 65″ television which makes anything look good)

wait.. soccer?

yeah, soccer.

i was reintroduced a little while ago.. and really took a liking to it.

let me tell you why:

the goals are so special. the feeling you get when there is a goal is unlike anything else. it’s exciting. my toes curl. and i can’t help but smile.

on the contrary, there is something special about good defense and a good save as well.

today while i was watching spain and ireland i felt something i had never felt before. ireland was getting demolished. the score was 4-0 in spain’s favor. but the irish fans started singing. they started singing to support their team and their country. i felt like i was a part of something bigger. like i was connected to the irish. to the world.

now a video of a small boy from ukraine:

pure joy.

there is someth…


an australian band. 

a great summer song. 



i have some serious beef with the music industry.

what happened to boy bands?


they are still around… but they just aren’t what they used to be.

let’s begin:

new kids on the block: great moves, guys.

boyz ii men: look at them cut a rug.

nsync: gettin’ jiggy wit’ it for sure.

backstreet boys: getting down with their bad selves.

b2k: their bodies are definitely bump bump.. bumpin?


one direction: don’t get me wrong. great song. love that little cutie with the deep voice. but no choreographed moves. jumping around doesn’t count.

big time rush aka btr: they definitely are very new kids on the block by driving in the car.. but again.. no dancing.

i feel so bad for the girls that are teenagers right now.. why? no. true. boy. bands. only fake ones.


you’re probably wondering.. wait.. kaley.. what about the jonas brothers?

they are, of course, an exception.. because 2/3 boy band members are playing an instrument.. making is difficult to have a choreographed dance.

i have some ser…

i love talents that people have that i don’t have. 

really.. i just love all talents. 

and i love youtube videos. 


february 14th. what a rough day for so many. 

february 14th. usually a day i dread. a day i hate. a day where i wear all black. 

february 14th, 2012: a good day. 

i’m loved- by many. and i am so grateful. 

this year, instead of brooding on valentine’s day, i filled it with love. 

february 14th. …

m83 on jimmy fallon.

watch it.